2017-18 Programs and Choreography – Junior

Information is compiled from interviews, performance, social media, and ISU and Icenetwork biographies, in addition to original sourcing from teams, coaches and choreographers. Information original to Two for the Ice (as apart from that revealed in a TFTI feature article) is noted.

Ice Dance


Team Short Dance / Free Dance Choreographer Country
Elizabeth Addas / Michael Valdez USA
Christina Carreira / Anthony Ponomarenko USA
Jolie Che / Paul Ayer CAN
Kaitlyn Chubb / Alex Gunther Kelly Johnson / Alexandra Paul / Mitchell Islam1)Direct information from team source CAN
True Colors (perf. Justin Timberlake / Anna Kendrick); September (Earth, Wind and Fire) Michael Coreno
Natascha Collier / Philippe Marchand CAN
Ravie Cunningham / Cedar Bridgewood CAN
Katarina DelCamp / Maxwell Gart USA
I Feel Good (James Brown); Try a Little Tenderness (Otis Redding)
Leia Dozzi / Liam Fawcett CAN
Alina Efimova / Alexander Petrov USA
Alicia Fabbri / Claudio Pietrantonio CAN
Ellie Fisher / Simon-Pierre Malette-Paquette CAN
Irina Galiyanova / Tommy Tang Carol Lane / Juris Razgulajevs2)Direct information from team source CAN
Carol Lane / Juris Razgulajevs3)Direct information from team source
Keelee Gingrich / Parker Brown Kelly Johnson / Alexandra Paul / Mitchell Islam4)Direct information from team source CAN
Pasquale Camerlengo5)Direct information from team source
Caroline Green / Gordon Green USA
Eliana Gropman / Ian Somerville USA
Emma Gunter / Caleb Wein USA
Olivia Han / Grayson Lochhead Carol Lane / Juris Razgulajevs6)Direct information from team source CAN
Carol Lane / Juris Razgulajevs7)Direct information from team source
Marjorie Lajoie / Zachary Lagha CAN
Chloe Lewis / Logan Bye USA
Cassidy McFarlane / Kyle Cayouette CAN
Olivia McIsaac / Elliott Graham Kelly Johnson / Alexandra Paul8)Direct information from team source CAN
Shae Zukiwsky9)Direct information from team source
Sophia Simitsakos / Jeffrey Wong CAN
Ashlynne Stairs / Lee Royer CAN
Valerie Taillefer / Jason Chan CAN
Danielle Wu / Nik Mirzakhani CAN




Team Short Program / Long Program Choreographer Country
Olivia Boys-Eddy / Mackenzie Boys-Eddy CAN
Vanessa Chen / Eric Hartley USA
Chloe Choinard / Mathieu Ostiguy CAN
Emma Coppess / Robert Hennings USA
Hannah Klopstock / Daniel Arsenault USA
Elli Kopmar / Jonah Barrett California Dreamin’ (The Mamas and the Papas) USA
Laiken Lockley / Keenan Prochnow USA
Audrey Lu / Misha Mitrofanov USA
Gabriella Marvaldi / Daniel Villeneuve USA
Lori-Anne Matte / Thierry Ferland CAN
Alison Schumacher / Zachary Daleman CAN
Evelyn Walsh / Trennt Michaud CAN
Alexandria Yao / Jacob Simon USA

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