Two for the Ice is primarily the effort of Jacquelyn Thayer, who serves as site’s writer, administrator and web designer. Jacquelyn’s work has appeared on Ice-Dance.com, where she’s been a staff journalist since 2011, and in Dance International magazine; she can also be found on additional digital outlets unrelated to skating, including DePaul University’s Red Line Project. She has worked in additional capacities with publications including Advertising Age and San Antonio Magazine. As a skating reporter, she’s provided on-site credentialed coverage for events including 2012 Four Continents Championships, 2013 Skate Canada International, 2014 Autumn Classic International and 2015 Quebec Summer Championships. Jacquelyn holds a Master of Arts in Journalism from DePaul University.

Photographs have been provided with great courtesy by Danielle Earl, Melanie Hoyt, Sean McKinnon and Getty Images. Occasional assistance has been offered on Two for the Ice’s Twitter, thanks to individuals who know who they are.

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